Entertaining his Notion
Entertaining his Notion

Hillary says, “Bill owes me one.”
by Antenna Wilde

In a stunning twist of events, Hillary Clinton was caught “goosing” Barack Obama at a recent event. Sources close to Clinton say that she was turned on about her position as Secretary of State, but deny there has been any hanky panky. When asked about the goosing at a press gathering, the President-elect joked, “I think we’re finally getting along.” A comment which apparently irritated his wife Michelle, who, according to a Fox News reporter, “Made a comment in regards to ‘bitch-slapping’ the former First Lady.”

In an attempt to prevent Hillary from stealing the spotlight, former President Clinton officially invited Mrs. Obama to share a cigar. “They’re Cuban,” he winked. A barrage of criticism flooded the blogosphere, forcing a number of servers to temporarily shut down, and prompting Senator John McCain to make the statement, “This is exactly the kind of behavior (cough) the American people were offended by during Bill’s Presidency, (yawn) do we have to suffer through four years of this?” The senator then fell asleep in his chair.

Many pundits are speculating that Hillary will eventually clash with Obama, while some insiders report bickering over who should actually be President and who should be Secretary of State. “Obviously there’s a big difference between the two,” said Obama “and the American people have made it clear which position I’m in.” Hillary replied that she was willing to entertain his notion, and suggested they try some “role playing … to see what course of action to take.”

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14 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Affair with Barack Obama

  1. Well Abigal you see Michelle is really a Michael and Obama is gay anyway. So really the whole thing of Hillary pinching his butt is stupid.. she already knows the guy is gay. And shes actually a Lesbian (lesbo ). Go check it all out. Its real.. this shit you just read is a cover up for all the sins that are really going on. READ: wickileaks.

    1. Where is the proof that say’s Obama is just gay and not Bi-Sexual like Hillary is ? Besides is there anyone ( posters or other wise) out there that really and truly believes 100% and with out any doubts, that Hillary and/ or even Obama would admit to having affair with each other ? Even it it was 100% true ? Remember this, there are a lot, yes a lot of ” behind closed door ” and very private affairs between 2 people where they are everyday average people, politicians, movie stars, Congress,Senate, or other type of VIP’s ” both in civilian life or even government life ” just to name a few. Then there are those people that fight and appear to really dislike one another in public but are both friends and lovers behind closed doors, is all done to deceive the public and even their own friends and families ? All i am saying is just think about it, and also think about (during your own life time) do you happen to know, or remember reading about some one that was guilty of doing these type of things ? Knowing the way that the Clinton’s and the Obama’s have been caught BS ing, spinning the truth and just down right lying to the American public, nothing that comes out of their mouth,their friends or even the media, about the possible ( true or not) of Hillary and Obama having an affair behind doors and in private could or would surprise me in the least ? I think that all of you may or may not agree with me about one thing, that being that anything is possible, no matter what it is or how much they try and cover it up, it is still possible to have happened at some time or other ?


    1. @ Marilyn, while i do agree with your comments, is it or is it not true, that when ANYONE becomes a public figure such as a politician, member of a big name band,a movie star, a sports figure or any other type of a VIP, they ALL lose a certain percentage of their private life no matter who they are ? Just like that very old saying goes, the media and the bright lights can make you who you are and the media and the bright lights can also break you, just as fast as they made you who ever you may be ?

    1. @ S Baker, while i do agree with your comments and the whole world does need much,much,much more love spread around in every way possible ? Can you name just one person, a politician,a movie star, or anyone else that is in the public’s eye on a daily bases that feels or even shows a lot or very much love in return to the public that has made them who they are ?

    1. With all of the pictures floating around on the internet and other places of the 2 of them cuddling up like 2 high school teen agers with that drearie look in their eyes when looking at each other. Besides knowing how the government works (worked there for a few years) and how the politicians carry on behind closed doors and in the back rooms, nothing would surprise me in the least. Besides it is things just like this that keep the different tabloids in business, and come to think of it, their articles even prove true more times than not. Wishing everyone everywhere a very nice week end where ever you may be.

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