Big Tech Censors Comments with Keywords

If you are reading this article please make a comment below, as the link to this article has been removed from YouTube comments sections everywhere. I have personally been unable to paste the link to this blog on YouTube: it was immediately taken down, so please try to paste this link in any comments section and let me know if it worked!

Google, in conjunction with Facebook and other Big Tech titans, have censored certain kinds of comments that contain information on how to fight big tech and Wall Street. Consider the following comment:

“Move your money from BoA/Citi/WellsFargo/etc to local credit unions. Use Duck Duck Go, Privacy Badger and AdBlockPlus. Join a local organization working for Ranked Choice Voting in your area: vote out the corruption. Delete FB and block all FB cookies on all websites.”

If I make this comment anywhere, it is not allowed:

Now a few seconds later I post a comment in the same forum that doesn’t threaten Big Tech or Wall Street:

It doesn’t matter what webpage, I even tried at a Gardening Page. Look at all these examples:

I tried manually typing this comment as well, to no avail. I posted a benign comment successfully, then went in to EDIT THAT COMMENT by including the censored information and POW—”comment not allowed.

Big Tech has complete control of the internet. All speech that threatens that hegemony is being increasingly censored. George Orwell’s 1984 has arrived. What is the next phase? Mass inoculations? Global enslavement? Bill Gates has joined with Monsanto to dominate the global food supply and patent all food. Farmers in India are not being allowed to grow their own crops, the struggle between the masses and the global financial elite to install a New World Order has begun.

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