Israel Commits Act of War On Syria

With Trump’s inauguration day looming, Benjamin Netanyahu —with the tacit support of the Obama administration— bombed the Mezzeh military airport west of Damascus, just 2 miles from the Presidential Palace residence of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Syria’s elite Republican Guards and Special Forces are also housed in the Palace.

An anonymous source within the US intelligence community stated that certain factions within the US have been ramping up war plans for Russia since Russia’s Federation Council authorized Putin in September, 2015 to accept Assad’s request to intervene in the Syrian crisis. At the time, the understanding was that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be elected President and subsequently declare a no fly zone in Syria; in essence creating a war with Russia, but Trump’s victory radically altered that plan.

Since then, US intelligence has released several documents suggesting that Trump and several of his surrogates have been compromised by the potential release of pornographic videos and monetary debts by Russia. Senator John McCain supplied said information to CNN via Buzzed (a claim disputed by the anonymous source in question).

In the current state of fake news and political disarray, one has little recourse but to assume the worst. Is it foul play within the Democratic Left and their sympathetic news outlets who are bitter of their defeat, or just current fodder for the Right? The evidence suggests that both parties are corrupt, and no one is certain. This might reflect a complete breakdown within the two party system itself.

What we know for certain, is that key powerful elites within the military industrial complex are hell-bent on a war with Russia, and this is logical, as there needs to be war to sustain the US economy. The alternative target is naturally over a trillion dollars in US debt, but, for obvious reasons, this would be illogical. And though Trump seems keen on a trade war with China, the practical implications are overwhelming. Historically speaking, the Russian bogeyman is a far easier selling point to the American public.

What is Israel’s role?

By attacking Syria, Israel by default antagonizes Russia, who will have little recourse but to respond by returning Russian forces to the region. This, in turn, will legitimize an American response under the guise of protecting Israel and the Syrian civilian population from the Russian/Assad acts of terror and aggression.

Conclusion: US industry gets their war with Russia, and Trump cannot alter the course without appearing like a Russian stooge.