Hillary Clinton’s Affair with Barack Obama

Entertaining his Notion
Entertaining his Notion

Hillary says, “Bill owes me one.”
by Antenna Wilde

In a stunning twist of events, Hillary Clinton was caught “goosing” Barack Obama at a recent event. Sources close to Clinton say that he was turned on about her presidential campaign, but deny there has been any hanky panky. When asked about the goosing at a press gathering, the President-elect joked, “I think we’re finally getting along.” A comment which apparently irritated his wife Michelle, who, according to a Fox News reporter, “Made a comment in regards to ‘bitch-slapping’ the former First Lady.”

In an attempt to prevent Hillary from stealing the spotlight, former President Clinton officially invited Mrs. Obama to share a cigar. “They’re Cuban,” he winked. A barrage of criticism flooded the blogosphere, forcing a number of servers to temporarily shut down, and prompting Senator Mitch McConnell to make a statement, “This is exactly the kind of behavior (cough) the American people were offended by during Bill’s Presidency, (yawn) do we have to suffer through four years of this?” The senator then fell asleep in his chair.

Many pundits are speculating whether or not Hillary will actually sleep with Obama, while insiders are reporting bickering over who should actually be on top. “Obviously there’s a big difference between the two,” said Obama “and the American people have made it clear which position I’m in.” Hillary replied that she was willing to entertain his notion, and suggested they try some “role playing … to see what course of action to take.”

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4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Affair with Barack Obama

  1. Word has just come down from an anonymous member of cabinet, Hilary Clinton HAS been visiting the White House recently.

    Fox News needs to pick this story up.

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