I will EXPOUND on Tinder!

February 26, 2014


I will EXPOUND on Tinder, and accuse the Hufffington Post of plagiarism! OK, Weird title, but fuck it (butt-fuck it?) Sorry,   Tinder is weird. A combination of social networking, spam and Match.com Well who can blame us? Well, at least half the planet i suppose. Tinder represents the kind of desperate, anti-social srcew-ball-ism that […]

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PJ Britton Chronicles

February 22, 2014


       It was late July, mid-nineties, and a classic PJ summer: party all Friday night, crash on the disgusting red couch, wake up Saturday and eat breakfast before heading to the beach. On this particular Saturday morning, on the way to breakfast, PJ saw a man dropping a turn-table onto a pile of junk […]

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How To Remove Your Deleted Videos from a YouTube Playlist

December 21, 2012


Go to VIDEO MANAGER On the left hand side, click PLAYLISTS You should see a strip of your top videos. To the right of that, click EDIT Scroll down your videos and select the ones that are listed as “deleted” Go to the top of the list and select “actions” and then “remove videos from […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child, Baby Photo Revealed!

May 18, 2011


Baby Conan at 2 years old

Arnold Makes Love Child, The Sperminator Strikes Again by Antenna Wilde Shocking, exclusive photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child revealed! How this escaped the public eye is uncertain, for the resemblance is striking. Mildred Patricia Baena, mother of the child, has refused to reveal the boy’s name. However, a source has told Antenna Wilde that […]

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Osama Bin Laden Alive!

May 2, 2011


Despite widespread reports of the death of Osama Bin Laden, eye witnesses report that the Al Qaeda leader is, in fact, working as head fry chef at McDonald’s Baghdad. According to sources close to the Jihad leader, despite his radical extremism, he has always retained a long-lived passion for fast food. Although far from Kosher—and […]

Politics of Fear: Why the Threat of a Government Shutdown is Bogus.

April 7, 2011


This is why the "negotiations" are always behind closed doors.

John Boehner says, “The American People”

November 4, 2010


he dodged questions from the press by saying "the American people" so many times it was hard to tell if he said anything at all.


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